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    2. How to Think Differently

    3. How Great Brands Show Up

    4. Peeling Away The Layers

    1. How Your Website Feels

    2. Change Makers

    3. Who do you want to attract?

    1. Intro to Storytelling

    2. Example Stories

    3. The Brand Photo Guide

    4. Takeways

    1. The Brand Photo Guide

    2. 6 Tips for Crushing it on Camera

    3. The Intuitive Brand Workbook

About this course

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Effective Messaging Strategies

so your brand works for you and makes you money while you sleep.


Melissa Evans


Melissa is a Florida based Personal Brand photographer who has helped hundreds of women in business create cohesive online brands with polished photos that feel authentic to them. You'll find her traveling to cities across the United States, photographing highly motivated women ready to elevate their website, socials, and other marketing.

Melissa saw a need to further educate the busy professionals she photographed. The Intuitive Brand Education series grew from this journey and goes farther than knowing what photos to have on your website. This education goes deeper into needle moving messaging strategies that helps you stand out in today's market. This can all be done in an intuitive way that doesn't feel salesy.


“I am excited to modify my own website based on these ideas and principles and the downloads are AMAZINGLY informative!! I would recommend this course to anyone who feels kind of stuck within their business and wants to be inspired! ”

Allie, Owner, Fab Fur Photos

“"Buy this! This course will bring clarity to the mysteries of building your brand in an accessible and enjoyable way. Melissa makes you feel comfortable and connected while giving it to you straight, no chaser."”

Paula, Owner, The Paula Miles Group