Bonus material

Additional BONUS CONTENT you get in addition to course curriculum

  • The Brand Photo Guide

    $100 value

    Included in this course is the Brand Photo Guide! 100 photos to inspire visual stories you can use in your brand. Posing, Locations, Props, and where to use them.

  • 5 Tips For Crushing it on Camera

    $37 value

    Explain the value your additional content will bring to a student’s overall learning experience. Use this opportunity to sell potential students on the extra benefits your bonus material provides.


Melissa Evans


Melissa is a Florida based Personal Brand photographer who has helped hundreds of women in business create cohesive online brands with polished photos that feel authentic to them. You'll find her traveling to cities across the United States, photographing highly motivated women ready to elevate their website, socials, and other marketing.

Melissa saw a need to further educate the busy professionals she photographed. The Intuitive Brand Education series grew from this journey and goes farther than knowing what photos to have on your website. This education goes deeper into needle moving messaging strategies that helps you stand out in today's market. This can all be done in an intuitive way that doesn't feel salesy.